Alma Style Ltd. Is a textile purchasing company specialized in the forniture of shirts made in Bangladesh and Vietnam by companies which have been manufactoring for the Italian market for over 15 years.

So we can offer Italian design shirts at Far East prices that is to say extremely competitive prices with a wide range of articles, from the most economic to the most studied.

The twenty-year experience of owners by the cooperation for a parallel company allows the most complete assistance, from the arrangement of the order to the shipment of goods. We can say that Alma Style Is also an export-office as clients are not involved in problems like the search of tissues, definition of articles and accessories, production and quality control.

The goods we work on come from the most famous and onest Chinese and Thai textile suppliers.

We are able to offer clients a wide range of tissues and to work on a client base that can be reproduced faithfully.

The quality of our articles is controlled regulary by our staff and it is supervised before the shipment.

Currently our customers are from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and South Africa.

Furthmore we offer a wide range of business attire at competitive prices made with high-quality materials.

Moreover we would like you to note one of our special article made in the last years, clergyman shirts.